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Toy Piano Melodies- On site oil pastels

Edem coined the collective of his 5" X 7", 7" X 10", and 9" X 12" oil pastel studies "Toy Piano Melodies", as a metaphor for practicing elemental music-like scales; re-acquaintance with his personal interpretations of natural environmental settings. These are done in situ, with the intention of capturing not only visual data, but perhaps more importantly, emotion and TIME. Displayed here are a handful of his favorites. Some are collected, some available. These can be shipped framed or unframed. 

Visit Modesto/Almond Blossom Tour/Plein Air Experience 2024
Edem was given the great honor of teaching 2 plein air classes in a beautiful blooming almond blossom orchard this February, at the height of the almond blossom season in Modesto, California. This event was sponsored by the Visit Modesto/Almond Blossom Tour organizers. A huge shout out to Todd Aaronson and Kristin Galloway of Visit Modesto Tourist Board. While teaching his classes he created 5- 5" X 7" oil pastels on site in John and Carly Alberti's orchard; the "John's Orchard" series. The day after he ventured to Knights Ferry Bridge; a covered bridge dating from the 1800s and completed one 7" X 10" oil pastel on site there.

Poland "Dune Art" international exchange workshop May 2022
Edem was thrilled and honored to accept an invitation to participate in the 2022 Dune Art international exchange workshop in Poland, May 2022. During his 14 day residency, he created over 25 on-site 5" X 7", and 10" X 7" oil pastels. These comprised the main elements in the two final larger works "Still Life" and "Sarbinowo Sketches". These celebrate the theme of freedom, return to autonomous travel, the documentation of TIME and PLACE, and physical interaction. He would like to take this opportunity to thank Jacek Maślankiewicz, Dune Art, and the team of organizers for sponsoring his stay in the region, and their incredible hospitality that made this exchange so amazing.

Almond Blossom Festival February 2022
Edem was offered the prestigious role of being a pioneer art participant in the 2022 Wayfarer Almond Blossom Festival Tour. During his 2 days in the Modesto region, he recorded seven on-site 5" X 7" oil pastels. He would like to take this opportunity to thank Kristin Galloway, Ric Arthur, and their team of organizers for sponsoring his stay in the region, and Petra Wright of GDCA Gallery for his invitation. 


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