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KinderCrowdControl- Music as art

In his teen years, Edem was enthralled by pop and rock music. This medium was his introduction into the power of music as conveyor of emotion. Influenced not only by the popular rock music of his youth, but also from an early age by the soundtracks of films, this was a Siren Song calling. After leaving high school in Great Britain and returning to California, Edem pursued his music passion by forming two fairly successful pop bands: Landscape of Sound (1981-1984), and Drowning Pool (now Drowning Pool Music), the latter of which garnered him critical acclaim for his music and, perhaps more importantly, the packaging art for his output. In1991, due to excessive internal band conflicts, Edem applied for, and was accepted into Art Center College of Design in Pasadena (with Scholarships), on the strength of his music album and CD art. Thus began his career in art. After 2 decades Edem was introduced to home digital music recording by his friend and mentor Mitch Steele. He then began working on his music once again with his long time music partner Brett Smith and, in 2010, formed KinderCrowdControl. 2011 saw their first release "Selah", the soundtrack to Edem's art installation of the same name, sponsored by Bruce Licher of Independent Projects, his former label owner and supporter. Edem has used his music as soundtrack to many of his visual art presentations overseas in the ensuing years.
2016 saw the release of their second full album "Songs To Saadet". In 2018, upon seeing Edem's presentation of art using his soundtrack of "Audiobon", Dr. Kamol Tassananchalee, a Thai National artist and long time champion of Edem's art, asked Edem to create him a visual presentation accompanied by a musical score. Thus "Dr. K" was born to accompany the visual presentation. November, 2020 saw the release of KinderCrowdControls 3rd Official Music Video "Love Soldier" off the "Halcyon/Love Soldier" 2 song single. It can be seen here. January 2021 saw the release of the 4th Official Music Video "Halcyon" off the "Halcyon/Love Soldier" 2 song single (November 2020). It can be seen here. February 2021 "Rhapsody in C19" single release. March 2021 saw Edem's art and music featured in Voyage L.A. Magazine. A result of this was that Bsquared MGMT out of Nashville, Tennessee offered to partner with them. Great days. May 2021 "Day Zero" single release. May 2021 "Eastside Western Remix Remaster MMXXI" single release. July 2021 "Sto Da Radim" single release. October 2021 "Yes" single release. February 2022 "Atomic Tango" single release. March 2022 "FREEKA!" single release. April 2022 "Electric Sheep" single release. June 2022 "I Am Silence" single release. January 2023 "Coyote Talk ft: Michal Soltan" single release. June 2023 "Rak Song (Remix 2023)" single release. August 2023 "Coyote Talk Summer Remix. ft: Michał So​ł​tan" single release. October 2023 "It Girl" single release. December 2023 "For The Love Of- Part 1" single release. March 2024 "Happy" single release. Edem continues to pursue and enjoy this new avenue alongside his visial art. KinderCrowdControl's catalog now includes 28 releases.
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