Mixed media on aluminum- Current works

This most recent work is comprised of varying mixed media on aluminum panels. These surfaces lend a deep dimensional and “invisible/infinite” ground to the pieces; their semi-reflective quality acknowledges their immediate environs. Edem states that he has "...found no better way, to date, to tip my hat to “the void” that surrounds us in this “reality”. This work is the progeny of his current artistic working philosophy of “Process and Providence”; by creating a surface and focusing will and intent (process), he lays down the red carpet to providence. Included here are the favorites. Though many are collected, some are still available.
Many of these pieces focus on ongoing global weather manipulation/interference, and the forces that seek to control the populations of the world with this ultimately unacknowledged, secret, and subversive, weapon. The artist urges audiences to, at least, acknowledge this possibility; even if the concept seems far fetched. 
His most recent work celebrates a bygone world; one in which freedom of travel, of speech, of spiritual pursuits, of autonomy, ruled. His work begs the question: Is a "semblance of safety" worth trading in our inalienable human rights and guaranteed freedoms for?